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Sample Digital Footprint Check

Are you looking to identify the very best talent for your organisation?  

By utilising digital footprint checks, you’ll be empowered to identify and employ thoroughly vetted candidates who are the best cultural fit for your organisation, with the added benefit of avoiding the financial, cultural and reputational impacts of a bad hire.

What does the sample include?

The sample report gives you an example of what a digital footprint check looks like and the information they include. The report provides a Candidate Risk Score and Cultural Fit Assessment, and outlines cultural fit indicators of your candidates

All of the information outlined in the cultural fit indicators is publicly available and includes: 

Untitled design-6   Discriminatory behaviours, such as racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia and hate speech 

Untitled design-6  Unprofessional behaviour, such as online bullying, strong language, explicit content, substance use and bad-mouthing employers or coworkers

Untitled design-6  Criminal history and conduct, such as fraud, acts of violence, and cybercrime

Untitled design-6   Candidate insights, including their online reputation and influence, work history, education and awards