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The Ultimate Guide to Digital Footprint Checks

Is your hiring process leaving your organisation open to the chance of bad hires?

With 1 in 5 candidates showing red flags in their online activity and social media, chances are you're missing vital information by not taking your candidate's online persona and behaviour into account.

In this ultimate guide to digital footprint checks, you’ll learn about how to be more confident as an HR professional around creating a workforce you can trust.

What's inside

Untitled design-6   Insights on the global market trends affecting Human Resources professionals

Untitled design-6   How to overcome common challenges such as the shrinking talent pool, remote work, and the growing importance of workplace culture

Untitled design-6   How gaining a complete picture of your candidates will empower you to assess cultural fit through the insights missed by traditional background checks

Untitled design-6   A full overview of what digital footprint checks are, why they're important and how you can integrate them into your hiring process

Learn how digital footprint checks can discover powerful candidate insights to help you determine the best cultural fit.